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Karcher B 90 W 140 R Deck - Available now!B 90 W 140 R  Deck      from Karcher
Karcher B 90 W 140 R Deck
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Karcher B 90 W 140 R Deck Description:

Karcher Industrial's 36" Battery Operated Riding Scrubber Model: BR 90/140 R

Efficient cylindrical brushes with variable pressure up to 572 lbs.
Brush speeds vary up to 1100 RPM
Wet sweeping capability with cylindrical brushes.
Quick mounting cockpit.
Extraordinary turning radius maximizes maneuverability.
Long-life squeegee tool is easy to adjust
37 gallon solution tank.
Easy to clean recovery tank.

Options include:
Lead Acid or Maintenance Free AGM batteries.
Cab Roof Overhead Guard
Rotating Safety Beacon Light
Multiple Range of Brushes for Any Surface

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