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Karcher equipment backed up by Comtec's world class equipment service. The machines to get the work done, and the team to fix them as needed. We don't just spray or blow on dirt, we remove it.

Whether you are looking to upgrade, replace, or purchase professional grade floor cleaning equipment for the first time, Comtec is your partner of choice. Offering the complete line of Karcher floor care, pressure washer, automatic car wash bays, and specialty cleaning products, Comtec is your one stop shop for professional cleaning equipment. Not only do we offer everything under one roof (only 1/3 of the Comtec value proposal), we stand behind our competitive pricing, and fantastic customer service. When you buy Karcher professional cleaning equipment from Comtec, you know you have 12 decades of business existance backing your purchase. We don't just intend to, we have been providing replacement parts, and maintenance for those professionals who ask for 20+ years.
Is your company receiving the other 2/3 of our value proposal?

Comtec takes pride in offering cleaning products that are innovative, engineered with excellence, and built to last in the harsh commercial or industrial environment we know you will put it in. Next, Comtec will train you and your team to use, maintain, and service your new machine at our headquarters. Finally, Comtec has, in stock, all the cleaning supplies, chemicals, and expendables you will need to do business with the ease of a phone call.

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