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Be it Wet and Dry models, or traditional commercial vacuums, Karcher Commercial Vacuums are second to none. Karcher Commercial Wet - Dry Vacuums Pure suction power alone does not equal the actual capacity of a vacuum cleaner. The overall build, all of the filters and controls, ergonomics, stability and optimal equipment are all crucial. Kärcher's commercial-grade wet/dry vacuums set standards in all of these aspects with innovative technologies.
  • TACT (Triggered Air draft Cleaning Technology): No downtimes for filter cleaning, low maintenance costs and a long filter service life

  • High-performance filter element: Large surface area provides longer operation before cleaning is required.

  • Electronic tank level monitor: Shuts the vacuum motor off completely when maximum capacity is reached, including light detergent foam

  • Kärcher's commercial-grade standard vacuums offer a broad range of machines that meet the high demands of daily operation in terms of performance, durability and easy operating features.
  • Low noise level: Silenced motors and optimal flow channels have allowed Kärcher standard vacuums to reduce operational noise levels.

  • HEPA quality: Kärcher's 6-stage filter system with HEPA filters decreases the potential for suffering allergies.

  • Kärcher fleece filters are capable of taking in more than twice as much dust as the typical paper filter bags and have a 10% higher retention rate.

  • Karcher Cordless Brooms
    Cordless Brooms

    Perfect for those quick in-between cleanups in offices, shops, bars and restaurants. It operates so quietly it is ideal for day time cleaning.
    Karcher Dry Vacuum Cleaners
    Dry Vacuum Cleaners

    Developed to meet the requirements of contract cleaners and hotels, Kärcher's small mobile dry vacuums are ideal for daily maintenance cleaning.
    Karcher Upright Brush-Type Vacuum Cleaners
    Upright Brush-Type Vacuum Cleaners

    Kärcher upright carpet vacuums combine high suction power with an electrically driven brush. This is the ideal way to remove stubborn dirt particles from carpet fibers.
    Karcher Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners
    Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

    Indispensible: wet and dry vacuum cleaners can take on all types of dirt regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, dry, damp, or liquid.
    Karcher Safety Vacuum Systems
    Safety Vacuum Systems

    Special Kärcher vacuum cleaners guarantee the elimination of dust to prevent it from damaging anyone's health.
    Karcher Special Vacuum Cleaners
    Special Vacuum Cleaners

    Special equipment for bakers and the fire department: wet and dry vacuum cleaners with heat-resistant accessories or connections that are compatible with C couplings

    Order by Price Order by Item

    T 12/1                 Karcher Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
    Karcher T 12/1
    Vacuum Cleaners

    CV 380 Karcher Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
    Karcher CV 380
    Vacuum Cleaners

    CV 300 Karcher Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
    Karcher CV 300
    Vacuum Cleaners

    CV 71/2 WAVK Karcher Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
    Karcher CV 71/2 WAVK
    Vacuum Cleaners

    NT 14/1 Eco Adv    	 Karcher Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
    Karcher NT 14/1 Eco Adv
    Vacuum Cleaners

    NT 35/1 Eco                    Karcher Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
    Karcher NT 35/1 Eco
    Vacuum Cleaners

    NT 45/1 Tact      Karcher Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
    Karcher NT 45/1 Tact
    Vacuum Cleaners

    NT 65/2 Eco            Karcher Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
    Karcher NT 65/2 Eco
    Vacuum Cleaners

    BV 11/1     Karcher Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
    Karcher BV 11/1
    Vacuum Cleaners

    NT 48/1 Tact      Karcher Commercial Vacuum Cleaners
    Karcher NT 48/1 Tact
    Vacuum Cleaners

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